30 Day April Arms Challenge

**Editing on 5/10/13 to note that this challenge is CLOSED, and while I would love to share the workouts with anyone who wants them, I will not be sending along individually at this time.**

Good morning!

Many of you participated in my 31 Day Abs Challenge back in January.  I got a lot of great feedback on it, and it was a lot of fun!  Many of you also requested another fitness challenge on F&F, so…. wishes granted!  Read on for the details on my 2nd official blog fitness challenge.  I’m running this one a bit differently!

30 Day April Arms Challenge

Tank top weather is right around the corner (and I love alliteration), so April’s fitness challenge will focus on ARMS and upper body!  During the April Arms Challenge, each day of the week has a “theme,” similar to the Abs Challenge in January.  Below is a calendar of the general themes so you can take a look at what’s on tap for the month ahead:

30 Day April Arms Challenge

So what’s different from last time?

You must sign up!

There is no cost to participating, but to take part you must “register” by emailing me at akaralekas@gmail.com.  Registration will be open from today until Sunday 3/31 at 8:00pm EST.


  1. So you know what to do!  I will be creating a shared Google document where participants can “check in” and use each other to stay motivated.  I will also be providing the specifics of each week’s workouts on the Google Document instead of in the blog itself.  I got some feedback that people would prefer a printable version and that they didn’t like having to refer back to the Sunday posts and scroll through to find the moves each week.  I’m going to trial Google Docs instead, so if you don’t email me to sign up, you won’t be added to the document, and you won’t have the specifics on what to do!
  2. I have some awesome companies donating some pretty awesome prizes this time around.  A huge thank you to Chobani and Larabar for partnering with me for this, it’s so exciting!  I am also still waiting to hear back from a few other companies as well, so stay tuned.  I will be drawing winners the first week of May based on anyone that signs up via email AND checks off at least 20/30 days of the challenge in the Google Doc.
  3. For my own stats.  I want to track how many people are actually taking advantage of these challenges (it’s time-consuming for me, so I need to make sure it’s worth it!)

Here are some other important things to note:

  • This is open to anybody!  Anyone can participate in this challenge, from beginners to the more advanced exerciser.  Even if you are on the fence about it, sign up!  It’s free, so you really have nothing to lose.
  • This challenge is NOT meant to replace a regular training plan.  You will not see total body results or weight loss without regular cardio, total body strength, and flexibility training.  This challenge is about finding small ways to include extra upper body conditioning into your day and your regular fitness schedule.  Most days, these exercises will take you 15 minutes or less, somet days just 5.  It’s really about learning new exercises that you can incorporate into your regular fitness routine and challenging yourself to pushing just a little bit harder than you normally would.
  • Make the schedule work for you!  If you need to switch days around, go for it.  It’s totally flexible.

Who’s excited?!  

Hope to hear from you in my email soon!

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71 thoughts on “30 Day April Arms Challenge

  1. eeek! i don’t usually like challenges (I lose motivation when there are external motivators- weird, I know), but I really would like to see how toned my arms could get in a month dedicated to them:)

  2. Thanks so much for this Challenge. This is the first time I have visited your blog and saw this challenge and registered for it.

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    • Hey Em! There will be components that use weights, but everything will be modifiable without, or modifiable with household objects. Most days these are small extras you could sneak in during normal gym time anyways! Hope you’ll sign up!

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  5. I just signed up today and look forward to the challenge!! In desperate need of upper body strength… I can’t even do ONE pull up!! Let’s do this!! :)

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  10. I just emailed you :) i’m excited because i am also doing a plank and a squat challenge for april. 30 days to a better me? i’m ready!

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  16. I just did April 1’s work out without signing up but like these folks above me, I’d love to join in the official challenge if it’s possible :)

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  19. I just found this and I would love to join! I know it’s April 3rd and I’m going to do them no matter what, even if it’s too late. Do you have a spot that explains the moves?

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  36. I emailed you for more info on your APRIL ARMS! My friends and I started a Squat challenge we found, and I picked arms for our next one…. And found YOU online!

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  39. Is this completely unavaliable now? Because Even though it’s not April anymore I would still love to do this.

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  41. I missed the 30 day arm challenge, but am interested in doing it on my own. Is there any way I can get a link to the workouts posted?

    • Hi Sherrie, I apologize but I have closed registration for this challenge. It’s a lot of administrative upkeep on my end to send individually since I sent weekly workouts via Google Documents and tracked group participation and questions that way throughout April. Keep your eye out for other challenges that I will be running in the future, and certainly feel free to try out any of my upper body workouts on the blog!

  42. I missed the 30 day arm challenge, but would love to try it..need it bad, have lost about 26 pounds and need to tighten back up. Saw someone talking about it on face book. Thanks DARLENE

    • Hi Darlene, I apologize but I have closed registration for this challenge. It’s a lot of administrative upkeep on my end to send individually since I sent weekly workouts via Google Documents and tracked group participation and questions that way throughout April. Keep your eye out for other challenges that I will be running in the future, and certainly feel free to try out any of my upper body workouts on the blog!

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